‘Socially conscious modern country folk’

    Tony Bengtsson

    North East-based Americana/Folk artist Tony Bengtsson’s hook-laden songs are ‘remarkable to say the least’ (Maverick Magazine) and his voice has been described as ‘the best for country outside of America’ (Dan Walsh - premier UK banjo player).

    Tony’s solo album Snake in the Woodpile received 4-star reviews in Maverick and Rock and Reel magazines.

    Bengtsson started writing in 2004 after swapping his drumsticks for a guitar. His writing takes you on a journey through his diary, drawing on relationship experiences, the death of his father, and more recently his political activism in songs like ‘This Little Country’ and ‘Count Me In’. Whatever the theme, the ethos of authenticity remains the same. The honest heartfelt message can be heard in all of his songs.

    ‘This record should act as a benchmark for what this incredibly talented artist has to offer’ - Maverick

    ‘With the quality of stuff on [Snake in the Woodpile] it shouldn’t be long before he’s making a name for himself on the international stage’ - Rock ‘n’ Reel


    The Band

    ‘The chance to let rip and to show the world what an awesome talent he really is’ - Maverick

    Formed early in 2013, the band brings the skills of four versatile, vastly experienced musicians to bear on Tony’s exceptional song-writing and vocals. Chiming Telecaster, soaring fiddle, and a rhythm section firmly in the pocket, overlaid with glorious three-part vocal harmonies.

    Tony, Matthew and Rachael also play together as a trio, performing the same harmony-driven set but tailored to more intimate acoustic venues.



    TONY BENGTSSON: Vocals, acoustic guitar


    RACHAEL MCSHANE: Cello, violin, vocals

    MATTHEW ORD: Guitars, vocals


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